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Limited Podcast Series

CJUM’s airwaves are filled with amazing radio shows but it doesn’t stop there! We've partnered with some great local producers to bring you these fantastic limited run podcast series - be sure to check them out below, or subscribe to them via the provided RSS feed, Apple Podcasts, Spotify or your favourite podcast provider.

In you're interested in partnering with us on your own podcast project, email us at [email protected].

  • minogondaagan: the good voice

    Minogondaagan is about reconciliation. Throughout the series, Indigenous and non-Indigenous people will share personal stories, ideas, research and expertise, and to create a new story together as we walk toward reconciliation.
  • After Immunity

    After Immunity is a limited series that aims to explore the questions surrounding what our individual and collective worlds will look like after we have gained immunity to COVID-19.
  • Engage!

    ENGAGE! is a brand new podcast on 101.5 UMFM that interacts with the people and organizations in our community who have taken the initiative to help grow and give back.
  • Beyond Riel

    Beyond Riel is a limited series that explores the identity, culture, and challenges facing minority Francophone communities in Canada. Hosted by André Marchildon and Ian T. D. Thomson, this podcast was created with the goal of highlighting to non-Francophone Canadians that French is present all across Canada.
  • Human To Human

    Human to Human is a limited series exploring the topic of 'what is anthropology?' through conversations with students and faculty in the Department of Anthropology at the University of Manitoba.
  • Perspectives Podcast

    The Perspectives podcast explores the multifaceted world of interior design by understanding the unique perspectives of the students, professors and practitioners involved.
  • Well-Being In Schools

    What if schools would be primarily concerned with students’ well-being, concerned with helping students to develop the capabilities needed to live a flourishing life?
  • History In The Hot Seat

    The “History in the Hotseat: The Teaching and Knowing of Canada’s Past” Project is part of the 2024 Knowledge Synthesis Grant Competition, funded by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC) in partnership with Canadian Heritage, Genome Canada, and UK Research Innovation’s Arts and Humanities Research Council (UKRI-AHRC). The theme of the 2024 Knowledge Synthesis Grant Competition, “Evolving Narratives of Cultures and Histories,” aims to assess and mobilize the existing knowledge on how factors such as globalization, war, colonization, racism, slavery, climate change, technology, social media, and more have shaped or changed cultural and historical narratives. Following the theme and goals of “Evolving Narratives of Cultures and Histories,” the "History in the Hotseat” Project, in collaboration with the Centre for Human Rights Research and 101.5 UMFM, has produced a podcast series that explores what it means to learn and teach Canadian history, considering ongoing histories of colonialism and Indigenous dispossession.