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Queer Quarks

A queer talk and music show exploring queer media, pop culture and current events- hosted by Ley Fraser, a non-binary queer woman with a Master's in Gender Studies and a lifetime of gaiety.

About Ley: I've previously co-hosted another queer talk show called Queer Quarks: Beyond the Binary with Karen McDowell at the University of Northern BC. I worked as a gender advocate and educator for Transform: Trans and Non Binary Youth and Family Support (out of Northern BC) and been involved with Pride organizations for a number of years. I enjoy talking about queer topics, and I have a lot of opinions. A LOT. I try to be as balanced and circumspect as possible (especially if I am not a member of the group I am talking about) but I encourage you to think critically about the issues, to check out source materials, listen to marginalized groups (especially about their own experiences) and respect the identities of everyone around you (because literally why not, it is free, there is no reason not except being a tool).

Please email me your questions at, or by messaging me on the Facebook page! I am happy to answer,

EXCEPT if the question is abusive, inappropriate or intentionally ignorant (there are two+ genders; this is based on observations of manifestations of gender across the globe, not your opinion) I will gonna ignore it/not talk about it on the air/or talk about it and criticize you.

Past Broadcasts

Date Links
March 30, 2020 – Trans Issues and Allyship: Pronoun tool for practice and more (rebroadcast from April 29, 2019)
March 23, 2020 – Queering Gender (rebroadcast from April 15, 2019)
March 9, 2020 – Asexual and Aromantic (Part 1): The Differences Between and within these identities, and how its changing how we talk about romantic and sexual attraction
March 2, 2020 – The Best Things About Being a Gender Minority- Plus Sneak Peek, the Best Things About Being Asexual Aromantic
February 24, 2020 – Being LGBTQIA2S+ is Amazing: Gender Euphoria and Other Positives
February 10, 2020 – Visibility in Allyship versus Performativity: Good Job Hozier, Bad Job Starbucks
February 3, 2020 – How Consent, Dealing with Sexual Violence, and Privacy can be Different for LGBTQIA2S+ Folks
January 20, 2020 – Check Out the New Queer Quarks Facebook Page!
January 13, 2020 – A Game with a Playable Trans Character- AT LAST
January 6, 2020 – Stacey London has a Girlfriend and Acknowledges her Privilege- and Other Good Works by Good People
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