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Latin Waves

Latin Waves was born almost 10 yrs ago when Sylvia Richardson’s passion for social change hit the radio air waves. The show was started as a resource to educate the public about the extraordinary changes and social movements that are happening in Latin America, there is a literal blackout in the Canadian main stream media around these historic changes. Shortly after the show started Stuart Richardson joined as co-producer channelling his passion into journalism and research, with such an overwhelming amount of critical news not being covered properly in the main stream media Latin Waves decided to open its spectrum.

Our original mandate to cover Latin America still stands but we have expanded our coverage into local/national and international issues making those critical political connections, we bring our listeners in-depth coverage of issues with a focus on the history of an issue and what that history means for us today and most importantly what we can do to move society forward in a healthy way.

In short our show is focused on building community across borders, positive social change has only come through communities of interest working together.

Past Broadcasts

Date Links
July 11, 2024 – Can a social economy exist besides a capitalism economy?
July 4, 2024 – Can a social economy exist besides a capitalism economy?
June 27, 2024 – What can be learned by progressives in the North from the Latin American experience.
June 13, 2024 – Author/Educator Dr Robert Jensen
May 30, 2024 – Dr Cajete speaks about the ecology of Indigenous education
May 9, 2024 – Breaking Free, The Life and Times of Peter McLaren, Radical Educator
May 2, 2024 – New President in Argentina Javier Milei and Why We Need To Pay Attention
April 18, 2024 – Journalist Sandra Cuff
April 11, 2024 – Author/Educator Dr Robert Jensen
April 4, 2024 – Willie Colon
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