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Programmer Picks

Picks for 2018

  • Neil Kraemer - Prick Up Your Ears
    Monday 4 PM - 5 PM

    The Goon Sax - We're Not Talking (Chapter Music)
    Lonely Parade - The Pits (Buzz)
    DUMB - Seeing Green (Mint)
    Peach Kelli Pop - Gentle Leader (Mint)
    FRIGS - Basic Behaviour (Arts & Crafts)
    Iceage - Beyondless (Matador)
    Fountain - Acid Bath from the Jaded Jungle
    Priors - New Pleasure (Slovenly Recordings)
    Landline - S/T (Discontinuous Innovation)
    Victime - Le femme taupe (Michel Records)
    Ruby Karinto - S/T (Hozak)
    Protomartyr - Consolation EP (Domino)
    Shame - Songs of Praise (Dead Oceans)
    Parquet Courts - Wide Awake! (Rough Trade!)

    Notable Reissues
    Carsickness - 1979-1982 (Get Hip Recordings)
    Chandra - Transportation EPs (Telephone Explosion)
    Bruce Haack - Preservation Tapes (Telephone Explosion)
    Wasted Lives - S/T 7" (Supreme Echo)

  • Gabby O'Hara - Can We Hang
    Sunday 4 PM - 5 PM

    1. Boygenius (ep) “Musicians Julien Baker, Phoebe Bridgers, and Lucy Dacus make beautiful music individually, and now together. This 6 song EP relates to the ~modern woman~ with such depth in each character. Perfectly imperfect six songs. I can’t love you/ how you want me to and I am never anywhere/ anywhere I go/when I’m home I’m never there/ long enough”
    2. Tierra whack- Whack World “15 songs 15 minutes- either individual samples of how talented a rapper Tierra Whack is or a 15 minute cohesive journal entry. I hope your ass breaks out in a rash/ you remind me of my dead beat dad”
    3. Lucy Dacus- Historian “Lucy Dacus lands my number 1 and 3 spot of the year and no one is more deserving. She had me hooked after the first line- The first time I tasted somebody else’s spit/ I had a coughing fit. Lucy Dacus became every girl with the song I don’t want to be funny anymore off of her last record and reflects the every girls growth with Historian, riddled with break up songs and the thoughts we don’t say out loud.”
    4. Snail Mail- Lush “her voice is youthful, honest and pairs sweetly with the ~90s~ mid tempo-rock guitar it pairs with. She also credits Hilary Duff for making her the musician she is today which is AMAZING. I’ll never love anyone else/ I won’t love anyone else”
    5. Jorja Smith- Lost & Found “probably the most “beautiful” TM record of the year, despite her playing only 4 songs when I saw her live (she was sick I think) I’m obsessed with her soulful voice and songwriting. want it when we can’t have it/ when we got it we don’t seem to want it”
    6. Taylor Janzen (ep)- Interpersonal “this is FOUR songs from a WINNIPEGER. She was for sure my best find of the year- NY Times called her the next Julien Baker and Phoebe Bridgers so I highly suggest getting on this train now. When they tell you to reach out and talk to someone about depression, people aren’t always around, but this album at 2 am reminded me that other people go through the same things and that it’s manageable- thank u @taylorjanzen. I hope I never have to see this waiting room again/praying that no one I know will walk in (a succinctly Winnipeg problem)”
    7. Noname- Room 25 “this album is soooo so dope, she has perfected jazz rap/lullaby rap/ whatever you want to call her, she is a rapper. As an ultra creative putting out an album showing your insides for everyone to see is difficult and to answer her tweet days after this album came out- it does mean something to us!!! My pussy wrote a thesis on colonialism/ y’all really thought a bitch couldn’t rap huh?”
    8. Mitski- Be the Cowboy “this is such a good album AHHHH but I put it at 8 because I think ‘nobody’ is honestly too good and (kind of?) overshadows the rest of the album. Best tweet of the year “do you think Mitski knows girls cry listening to her album thinking about the most average men of all time” And I don’t want your pity/ I just want somebody near me”
    9. Soccer Mommy- Clean “this band was one of the first to get me into ~bedroom pop~ (though I’m unsure if that’s what I’d classify her) with a 2016 song called Switzerland. Clean showcases her perfectly- a talented and very precisely educated musician. I don’t want to be your fucking dog/ that you drag around”
    10. Teyana Taylor- K.T.S.E “Keep That Same Energy was one of Kanye’s 4(?) albums he produced this year and I think the most underrated one for sure. Though production is probably the strongest part of this album, her voice is surprisingly amazing and keeps up with Kanye’s talents and the samples. Everything I review is “honest” because that’s the music I like. But this is honest. Hold on hold on/ don’t let me go”
  • Ray Alexander - Fascinating Rhythm
    Sunday 10 AM - 12 PM

    International Vocals
    1. Tony Bennett/Diana Krall-Love Is Here To Stay (Verve)
    2. Mark Winkler/Cheryl Bentyne-Eastern Standard Time(Café Pacific)
    3. New York Voices/Bob Mintzer Big Band-Meeting of Minds(MCGJ)
    4. TIE: Allan Harris-The Genius of Eddie Jefferson(Reilience) / Ann Hampton Callaway "Jazz Goes To The
     Movies" (Shanachie Entertainment)
    5. TIE: Nicki Parrott-Dear Blossom(Arbors) / Lyn Stanley-The Moonlight Sessions-Vol. 1 & 2 (A.T. Music) 
    6. Gregory Porter-Nat King Cole & Me (Blue Note)
    7. Vivian Lee-Let's Talk About love(Tara Recs)
    8. E.J. Decker-Bluer Than Velvet-The Arthur Prysock Project(Candela)
    9. Daryl Sherman-Lost In A Crowded Place(Audiophile)
    10.Cecile McLorin Salvant-The WIndow(Mack Ave.)
    International Instrumentals
    1. Ken Peplowski Big Band-Sunrise(Arbors)
    2. Tom Bruner-Hommage To A Hero (Wes Montgomery)(Gresco)
    3. John Vanore Orchestra-Stolen Moments(Tribute to Oliver Nelson)(Acoustical Concepts)
    4. Ted Nash-Live At Dizzy's Coca Cola Club(PlasticSax)
    5. Rachel Caswell-We're All In The Dance(Turtle Ridge)
    6. Rene Rosnes/David Hadju-Ice On The Hudson(SMK)
    7. Rosanno Sportiello-Pastels(Arbors)
    8. Monica Herzig-Sheroes(Whaling City)
    9. Guillbermo Nojechowicz-El Eco
    10.Benito Gonzalez Trio-The Music of McCoy Tyner(Whaling City)
    Canadian Vocals
    1. Holly Cole-Holly(Universal)
    2. Joani Taylor/P.J. Perry Trio-In A Sentimental Mood(Cellar Live)
    3. The Ault Sisters-Sisters In Song(AAA)
    4. The Tiki Collection(Vesuvious)
    5. Karin Plato-This Could Be The One(KP)
    6. Amy Cervini- No One Ever Tells You(Anzic)
    7. Jen Hodge Allstars_All 's Fair In Love(JH)
    8. Stephen Taetz - Drink You In(Flatcar)
    Canadian Instrumentals
    1. Cory Weeds Little Big Band-Explosion(Cellar Live)
    2. Winnipeg Jazz Orchestra-Suite 150(WJO)
    3. AL Muirhead Quintet-Undertone(Chronograph)
    4. Joe Magnarelli Quintet-If You Could See Me Now9Trib. To Tadd Dameron)(Cellar Live)
    5. Ron Haldorson/Julian Bradford-Happy Talk and/or Dialogue(RHHT)
    6. Ron Paley-The More You Know(Big Round Recs)
    7. Bootsie Barnes/Larry McKenna-The Moe I See You(Cellar Live)
    8. Marie-Veronique Bourque-Une Porte Souvre
    9. Ernesto Cervini & Turboprop-Abundance (Anzic)
    10.Toronto Jazz Orchestra-20
    11. Marie Goudy-The Bitter Suite (Ontario Arts)
    12.Scott Marshal & Jazztice League-Dream Logic Project(SM)
    1. Mark Murphy-Midnight Mood (MPS)
    2. Ella Live At Zardis, 1956(Verve)
    3. Charlie Mingus At Montreaux,1975(Eagle Rock)
    4. Thelonius Monk-The Complete Prestiege 10" lp Collection(Craft)
    5. Gene Krupa Live, 1960 (Dot Time)
    1. This Is Hip-The Life of mark Murphy-Peter J (Equinox)
    2. Pressed For All Time-Producing The Great Jazz & Pop Albums-Mitchell
    3. Le Magazine Du Jazz-No. 708-August/2018-1000 Morceaux a ecouter dans sa vie
    4. Jazz (photographs)-Arthur Elgort (Damiani)
    5. The Ghetto Swinger-Coco Schumann (Doppehouse Press)
    1. 1. Ken Peplowski with The Winnipeg Jazz Orchestra -WAG
    2. Chris Botti-Jazz Wpg. Festival-Burton Cummings Theatre
    3. Carmen Bradford/WSO-Centennial Concert Hall
    4. Aaron Weinstein with Ron Paley-Tarbut Festival at Berney Theatre
    5. Marcus Roberts Trio-Asper Jazz Series-Berney Theatre
    1. Singer/Composer/Pianist Bob Dorough
    2. Composer/Pianist/Band Leader Tommy Banks (Canadian)
    3. Singer Morganna King
    4. Trombonist/Composer Bill Watrous
    5. Pianist/Composer Cecil Taylor
    6. Pianist/Composer Randy Weston
    7. Saxophonist Sonny Fortune
    8. Producer/Magazine Publisher/Record Store Owner Ira Sabin(Jazz Times)
    9. Saxaphonist/Composer Hamiet Bluiett
    10.Trumpeter/Band Leader Roy Hargrove
    11. Max Bennett
    12. John Von Ohlen
  • Bryan Sveinson - The Pity Party
    Friday 1 PM - 2 PM

    Best Emo Albums of 2018:

    Full Lengths:

    1. Pinegrove - Skylight
    2. Basement - Beside Myself
    3. Tiny Moving Parts - Swell
    4. Death Cab for Cutie - Thank You For Today

    5. Dashboard Confessional - Crooked Shadows
    6. Gulfer - Dog Bless
    7. Dance Gavin Dance - Artificial Selection
    8. Heart To Gold - Comp
    9. Bleed American - It Probably Isn't
    10. Charmer - Charmer


    1. Stars Hollow - Happy Again
    2. The Get Up Kids - Kicker
    3. Sit Calm - Percia
    4. Look North - Countless Days/Restless Nights
    5. Lake Disappointment - Mind The Gap

  • Tiago Bueno - Super Synth
    Saturday 11 PM - 12 AM

    The Top 8 Synthwave Albums released in 2018 (in no particular order)
    1. Dana Jean Phoenix - PixelDust
    2. The Midnight - Kids
    3. Robert Parker - End of the Night
    4. Timecop1983 - Night Drive
    5. Vampire Step Dad - Songs to Haunt a House To
    6. NINA - Sleepwalking
    7. GUNSHIP - Dark All Day
    8. VHS Dreams - Lost World
  • Myles Erickson - Can We Hang
    Sunday 4 PM - 5 PM

    My Top 12 (not very Canadian) Albums of the Year:

    1. Jeremy Dutcher - Wolastoqiyik Lintuwakonawa [Independent]
    2. Karen Meat - You're an Ugly Person [Emotional Response]
    3. Shame - Songs of Praise [Dead Oceans]
    4. IDLES - Joy as an Act of Resistance [Partisan]
    5. Mitski - Be the Cowboy [Dead Oceans]
    6. Kanye West - ye [GOOD Music / Def Jam]
    7. Mount Eerie - Now Only [P.W. Elverum & Sun]
    8. Lucy Dacus - Historian [Matador]
    9. Advance Base - Animal Companionship [Run For Cover]
    10. Christine Fellows - Roses on the Vin [Vivat Virtute]
    11. Club Sofa - Club Sofa [Sound Design Factory]
    12. Parquet Courts - Wide Awake [Rough Trade]