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The Pity Party

Set #1

Artist Song Album
TWIABP Fightboat Whenever, If Ever
Ghostdog Cherry Blossom In Remembrance
Ghostdog Side Quest In Remembrance
Nighttime in Kansas C No Shame in Letting Go No Shame in Letting Go
Yes Bear C Carrier Pigeons Carrier Pigeons
The Fall is Shorter Than You Think Moment That Moment We Shared
This Town Needs Guns 2 Birds, 1 Stone, and an Empty Stomach

Set #2

Artist Song Album
Nightwell C Drive Drive
The Newfound Interest in Connecticut Okay, You Can be Tigers but No Crashing Tell Me About the Long Dark Path Home
Stockholm Siesta C Cariac Thievery Split

Set #3

Artist Song Album
Oso Oso A Morning Song Basking in the Glow
Oso Oso Basking in the Glow Basking in the Glow

Set #4

Artist Song Album
Ceilings L C Set Sail Time Slips
Ceilings L C Jammin Time Slips
Ceilings L C Mad Time Slips
Screaming at Traffic L C Weekend Cartoons I Don't Like Sports
Screaming at Traffic L C Bitter I Don't Like Sports

Set #5

Artist Song Album
For Everest Penny Royalty We Are At Home in the Body
HelloImDylan! Be the One Happy Tears
Moneen C Accidents The Switcheroo
Alexisonfire C Passing Out in America The Switcheroo
Say Anything The Writhing South ...Is a Real Boy
Pey Symmetry You & Me & Mt. Hood Vision

Set #6

Artist Song Album
Duck, Little Brother, Duck! I'm Just Happy to be Around so Many Ducks Don't Take Our Filth Away
The Speed of Sound in Seawater Romanticore Red Version
Park Jefferson Better Boy Park Jefferson
Stars Hollow As You Were Before Happy Again
Palmkite One Day, You'll Be Cool 2011