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The Hard Line

Set #1

Artist Song Album
Nation of Ulysses Shakedown Plays Pretty for Baby
Gravedweller Fester Gravedweller
Cassus Have You Considered a Balanced Diet? Separation Anxiety
Maree Noire C Aller (sans revenir) Amitie/Empatia/Maree Noire Split

Set #2

Artist Song Album
Thisishowitendedintokyo Another Thisishowitendedintokyo
Texas Ed KissyKissyHuggyHUggy Texas Ed
WorldsBiggestBassProShop Finally a Machine That Can Bring Yr LIfe to a Climax Single
nocapitalsnospaces denialspelledwrong. nearsightedinconsdieratedisastrous
Au Contraire This Is a Test of the Emergency Broadcast System, You're Going to Jail From First to Crash
Planes Mistaken For Stars Riot Season Prey

Set #3

Artist Song Album
Cassus Tired of Being Tired? This Is Dead Art
Elle Dust Ellipsis
Black Matter Device Honest to Goddess Hostile Architecture
Supine dissemble Deluge of Data, Recess of Thought
Stresser C Socialize Anxiety Attack

Set #4

Artist Song Album
Husbands C What They Were Husbands
Microwave The Devil and I Nowhere Feels Like Home
Gatherers Ad Nauseam, I Drown Single
Actor Observer Cargo Cult Single

Set #5

Artist Song Album