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If you had a mil­lion dol­lars what would you do with it? OK, now what if it were $100 bil­lion? Today on Sea Change Radio, we are talk­ing with Amy Hard­er, envi­ron­ment and cli­mate reporter for Axios, about where some titans of indus­try are invest­ing their mon­ey and the envi­ron­men­tal impact it might have. You might be sur­prised to learn, for exam­ple, that Bill Gates has been pour­ing some of his con­sid­er­able wealth into the nuclear ener­gy sec­tor. Hard­er recent­ly inter­viewed Gates about his esti­mat­ed half a bil­lion dol­lar invest­ment into Ter­raPow­er. She tells us about that as well as the big bets that com­pa­nies like Exxon Mobil are mak­ing on ethane, a petro­chem­i­cal by-prod­uct that is used to pro­duce plastic.