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Has this ever hap­pened to you: You are talk­ing with a friend or fam­i­ly mem­ber, and as the top­ic moves to pol­i­tics, things start to get a lit­tle heat­ed. You make what you think are excel­lent points, based on data, log­ic, and what you fer­vent­ly believe to be the absolute truth. Yet, when the debate con­cludes, some­how nei­ther of you has budged an inch, and no one leaves any wis­er. Per­haps this is why we are instruct­ed to nev­er dis­cuss pol­i­tics in polite com­pa­ny.” This week on Sea Change Radio, we are talk­ing about bridg­ing the divide, with James Hog­gan, an author and the co-founder of Desmog Blog. Hope­ful­ly, the next time the sub­ject of impeach­ment or the Demo­c­ra­t­ic nom­i­nee of your choice aris­es, the debate can be spir­it­ed, pro­duc­tive, and maybe even polite.