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Sum­mer is com­ing, and sum­mer means sweat. Why do we sweat so much, and how do we do it? We hear from Yana Kam­berov about the evo­lu­tion­ary ori­gins of our sweat glands, and why it’s one of the things that makes us mam­mals. Then we talk about why some (but not all) of our sweat STINKS. We’ll speak with Gavin Thomas about the bac­te­ria that give us our BO. Relat­ed links: Com­par­a­tive evi­dence for the inde­pen­dent evo­lu­tion of hair and sweat gland traits in pri­mates on bioRx­iv Struc­tur­al basis of mal­odour pre­cur­sor trans­port in the human axil­la on eLife.