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First up, Eels! We eat eels in sushi, stews, and pas­ta. Eels eat any­thing. Also they can sur­vive out­side of water for hours and live for up to 80 years. But this slip­pery snake of the sea har­bors an even deep­er mys­tery, one that has tor­ment­ed the minds of Aris­to­tle and Sig­mund Freud and appar­ent­ly the entire coun­try of Italy: Where do they come from? We trav­el from the estu­ar­ies of New York to the dark­est part of the ocean in search of the lim­its of human knowledge.

Then, a mys­tery, shock­ing­ly hot, and van­ish­ing­ly tiny.

It starts with a sound, ris­ing like a mist from the marsh, around a dock in South Car­oli­na. But where it goes next — from sub­marines to super­heroes (and yes, Keanu Reeves!); from the sur­face of the sun to the mid­dle of the brain — is far from expect­ed. Pro­duc­er Mol­ly Web­ster brings her fam­i­ly along for the ride. Enjoy the adven­ture, before it…implodes.