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In this episode we intro­duce you to a part of our bod­ies that was invis­i­ble to West­ern sci­en­tists until about five years ago; it’s called the inter­sti­tium,” a vast net­work of flu­id chan­nels inside the tis­sues around our organs that sci­en­tists have just begun to see, name, and under­stand. Along the way we look at how new tech­nolo­gies rub up against long-stand­ing beliefs, and how mil­lions of sci­en­tists and doc­tors failed to see what was right in front (and inside!) of their noses. We also find out how map­ping the anato­my of this hid­den infra­struc­ture may help solve one of the fun­da­men­tal mys­ter­ies of can­cer, and per­haps pro­vide a bridge between ancient and mod­ern medicine.