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On a Tues­day after­noon back in the sum­mer of 2017, Scot­ty Hat­ton and Scot­tie Wight­man both made a deci­sion to help some­one in need. They both paid a price for their actions that day, which have led to a legal, moral, and sci­en­tif­ic puz­zle about how we bal­ance account­abil­i­ty and forgiveness. 

In this episode, we go to Bath Coun­ty, Ken­tucky, where, as one health offi­cial put it, opi­oids have cre­at­ed a hole the size of Ken­tucky.” We talk to the peo­ple on all sides of this sto­ry about stem­ming the tide of over­dos­es, we wres­tle with the sci­ence of poi­son and fear, and we try to fig­ure out when the dri­ve to pro­tect and help those around us should rise above the law.