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Queer Quarks

The won­der­ful Ghana­ian activists who have been work­ing to gath­er sig­na­tures to peti­tion Cana­da to pres­sure Ghana to improve their treat­ment of LGBTQ peo­ple have received some com­ments from a Ghana MP who is frankly a bit self-con­tra­dic­to­ry for a mem­ber of gov­ern­ment. Dis­cus­sion of Pride Ugan­da being shut down this year and the need for a clear inter­na­tion­al mes­sage, from Cana­da and oth­er coun­tries, that per­se­cut­ing LGBTQ peo­ple is not going to be tol­er­at­ed, and the inter­na­tion­al com­mu­ni­ty will act to enforce human rights for all peo­ple. Oth­er top­ics: Memo­r­i­al Uni­ver­si­ty has a trans cross­walk! Why is that impor­tant? Homo­pho­bic Edmon­ton man run­ning for board of trustees thinks its sim­ply not rel­e­vant that he’s homo­pho­bic, and does­n’t appear to think the peo­ple of Edmon­ton will sanc­tion him for his jack*ssery. MAKE HIM SOR­RY EDMON­TON. PUN­ISH THIS. Don’t call homo­pho­bia (or trans­pho­bia, or any kind of hate) insen­si­tive” that’s WEAK. If you think its sim­ply a dash of insen­si­tiv­i­ty and not real­ly seri­ous to mock a com­mu­ni­ty that has had to fight for the right to sim­ply have basic human rights, I have bad news for you and it is that you are homo­pho­bic and also lazy and a bad per­son prob­a­bly. It’s not too late to change though- for you or for Cana­da. We can do bet­ter, and we can build a world where homo­phobes are shamed more harsh­ly than gays have ever been. Build this world with me. Burn your homo­pho­bic friends. Take their sh*tty com­ments seri­ous­ly and don’t let them slime their way out with I’m jok­ing” or don’t be so sen­si­tive”. Make them afraid. 
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