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Since the end of the Cold War, what was thought to be an era of peace, pros­per­i­ty, and progress, has descend­ed into fear, anx­i­ety, crip­pling reces­sions, eco­nom­ic tur­moil, and ever ris­ing cost of liv­ing. Progress is met with stiff oppo­si­tion, even when peo­ple are ask­ing for sim­ple things like please don’t shoot me because of who I am”, please let me mar­ry the per­son I love”, and can I have an afford­able place to live so I can be a pro­duc­tive mem­ber of society”.

This shad­ow has a name. On this episode of LTA, Jason dis­cuss­es neolib­er­al­ism, and the ways it impacts our lives for good or ill.