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Latin Waves

Latin waves host Sylvia Richard­son speaks with Sil­via Fed­eri­ci author of Rev­o­lu­tion at Ground Zero. The zero point of rev­o­lu­tion is our social rela­tions, the vio­lence of cap­i­tal­ism as our pri­ma­ry orga­niz­ing sys­tem has nor­mal­ized slav­ery, repres­sion, con­trol, and sur­veil­lance of brown and black peo­ple. We speak of pan­dem­ic but the virus that is killing soci­ety is a man made sys­tem of exploita­tion, and injus­tice. We must remem­ber our abil­i­ty to re-enchant the world, to envi­sion a soci­ety with justice.

She speaks of a new Indi­g­e­niza­tion of our social movements.