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Yves Engler has been described as Canada’s ver­sion of Noam Chom­sky (Geor­gia Straight), one of the most impor­tant voic­es on the Cana­di­an Left today

Yves Engler is a Mon­tréal writer and polit­i­cal activist. In addi­tion to ten pub­lished books, Englers writ­ings have appeared in the alter­na­tive press and in main­stream pub­li­ca­tions such as The Globe and Mail, Toron­to Star, Ottawa Cit­i­zen and Ecol­o­gist. Host Sylvia Richard­son inter­views Yves on his newest book, Left, Right March­ing to the Beat of Impe­r­i­al Cana­da , they speak about the need to go beyond tra­di­tion­al left­ist polit­i­cal par­ties and left lean­ing groups such as labor as the left is sup­posed to be opposed to colo­nial­ism and at least skep­ti­cal of nationalism.

How­ev­er, Left, Right shows that, for decades now, this has­n’t been the case in Canada.