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Full Moon Hacksaw

Radio has been the go-to in any world cri­sis now for one hun­dred years. Emer­gency infor­ma­tion notwith­stand­ing, radio becomes impor­tant for humor, enter­tain­ment, music, any diver­sion to keep this old world going while its shut down. Our theme this week address­es much of this, begin­ning with a spir­it­ed arrange­ment of Son­ny Stitt music by of all artists the USAF. Its not always easy retain­ing the spir­it of Fats Waller into lat­er based styles for sure but we give pianist Ben­ny Green his chance. Much need now is ESP, in our case by Duke Pear­son. Next, up-tem­po, no down-in-the-alley or cry­ing-in-your beer blues, from Amos Mil­born fol­lowed by T‑Bone Walk­er catch phrase: Lookin for­ward to a bet­ter future for­get about the past. New releas­es as Organ quar­tet Gui­tar Ela­tion jams Brazil­ian, not named for the deliv­ery truck at your door so much late­ly, but rather Ama­zonas. Then old timey swing but new sung Cal­lie Car­da­mon. Chal­leng­ing big-band Afro-Cuban All Stars music is scram­bled by time sig­na­ture. For hour num­ber two this week, new releas­es con­tin­ue begin­ning with sax­o­phon­ist Christo­pher Hol­ly­day, then the stone-cold blues fea­ture from the 1980s, Son­ny Rhodes fol­lowed by Cash McCall. Vin­tage music comes from Can­non­ball Adder­ley with the rel­e­gat­ed-to-home theme, then a focus on big band. First from Joe Hen­der­son­’s 1996 release, then a new release from Michael Zibler fol­lowed by the very ear­li­est Thad Jones-Mel Lewis. Ani­ta O’ Day joins Cal Tjad­er with no-truer words delay­ing spring, pianist Ken­ny Bar­ron decries what we need most, With­out Decep­tion. Final­ly the next in our late pianist McCoy Tyn­er trib­ute, a duet with vio­lin­ist Stephane Grap­pel­li of all peo­ple. Con­stant­ly re-invent­ing the tire, Hack­saw Jazz.