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On this weeks From The Vault we return to our incred­i­ble col­lec­tion of San Fran­cis­co Inter­na­tion­al Film Fes­ti­val Record­ings. Paci­fi­ca Radio was there to record some­times the only audio record­ing of these star filled galas from the late 1960’s until the ear­ly 1980’s. We’ve already pre­sent­ed record­ings of sev­er­al incred­i­ble Hol­ly­wood lumi­nar­ies from this Fes­ti­val in past From The Vault episodes such as Bette Davis, Shelly Win­ters, Ruth Gor­don, Fran­cis Ford Cop­po­la, Robert Alt­man and Lawrence of Ara­bia Direc­tor David Lean. This week we present Paul New­man and John Cas­savetes from the 1970 San Fran­cis­co Inter­na­tion­al Film Festival

The San Fran­cis­co Film Fes­ti­val series was pro­duced by KPFA’s Alan Far­ley and Host­ed this year by Fes­ti­val Direc­tor Albert John­son who leads the con­ver­sa­tion with Paul New­man. Here is Alan Far­ley to intro­duce the program.

After spend­ing most of the 1950’s hon­ing his skills as an actor, John Cas­savetes made a name for him­self as a direc­tor with his first film 1959’s Shad­ows. It was on this project that he forged a place in film his­to­ry and show­cased his own brand of ciné­ma vérité, an act­ing style and look he could call his own. Cas­savetes relied on the impro­vi­sa­tion­al skills of his actors that was often cap­tured with hand held cam­eras. The next two projects were heav­i­ly mon­i­tored Film stu­dio projects where his style was sti­fled and inspired Cas­savetes to rethink how he could cre­ate his vision in film. Begin­ning with his fourth film 1968’s FACES, he financed the next sev­er­al projects on his own and shot them over years as the crews sched­ules allowed.

This allowed him­self, the actors and crew a free­dom not afford­ed them on a stu­dio financed project on a tight deadline.

Cas­savetes cast as prin­ci­ple actors those that con­nect­ed with him on his vision which came from his core ensem­ble of him­self, his wife Gena Row­lands and friends Sey­mour Cas­sell, Peter Falk and Ben Gazzara.