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First Voices Indigenous Radio

Dur­ing the first half-hour of this repeat show, Host Tiokasin Ghosthorse talks with Bar­bara Alice Mann, author of Spir­its of Blood, Spir­its of Breath: The Twinned Cos­mos of Indige­nous Amer­i­ca” (2016). Bar­bara Alice Mann, Ph.D. is Pro­fes­sor of Human­i­ties in the Jesup Scott Hon­ors Col­lege of the Uni­ver­si­ty of Tole­do, Tole­do, Ohio. She has authored 14 books. Oth­er works include The Taint­ed Gift,” about the delib­er­ate spread of dis­ease to Natives by set­tlers as a land-clear­ing tac­tic; George Wash­ing­ton’s War on Native Amer­i­ca,” which looks at the major inva­sion of Iro­quoian New York in 1779 and the geno­ci­dal attacks on Ohio from 1780 through 1782; and the inter­na­tion­al­ly known Iro­quoian Women: The Gan­tow­isas.” Bar­bara is work­ing on her next mono­graph, Pres­i­dent by Mas­sacre,” look­ing at the Indi­an-killing cre­den­tial for high office, and an inter­na­tion­al book project co-writ­ing The Dark Side of Empire,” exam­in­ing his­tor­i­cal mas­sacres around the world from 1780 – 1820. A Bear Clan, Ohio Seneca, com­mu­ni­ty recog­ni­tion, Bar­bara lives in her home­land of Ohio (a Seneca word mean­ing Beau­ti­ful River).

Due to tech­ni­cal issues at our home radio sta­tion, this week’s show for our affil­i­ates, which fea­tured Bernadette Demien­ti­eff, exec­u­tive direc­tor of the Gwich’in Steer­ing Com­mit­tee in Alas­ka, was unable to be record­ed in time for syn­di­ca­tion. Bernadette talked with Host Tiokasin Ghosthorse about the August 17th Trump admin­is­tra­tion final­iz­ing a plan to open up part of the Alaska’s Arc­tic Nation­al Wildlife Refuge to oil and gas devel­op­ment, which would over­turn six decades of pro­tec­tions for the largest remain­ing stretch of wilder­ness in the U.S. The Gwichin refer to this vast coastal plain as the sacred place where life begins because it is crit­i­cal to their food secu­ri­ty and life.

This week’s repeat show fea­tures an inter­view with Bernadette from June 2018. The essence of the Gwich’in peo­ple’s strug­gle remains the same, although inten­si­fied in mid-2020 fol­low­ing the news from the Trump Administration.

The Gwich’in Steer­ing Com­mit­tee was formed in 1988 in response to pro­posed oil drilling on the coastal plain of the Arc­tic Nation­al Wildlife Refuge. In this role, Bernadette, a mem­ber of the Gwich’in Nation, rep­re­sents the Gwich’in Nation from both sides of the bor­der in the U.S. and Cana­da. Orig­i­nal­ly is from Fort Yukon, Alas­ka, Bernadette is the moth­er of 5 and grand­moth­er of 3 beau­ti­ful children.