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Fascinatin' Rhythm

This show con­cludes The Best of 2019-Part 3 with the likes of Tcha Limberg/​Mozes Rosen­berg, Gabriel Mark Hasselbach/​Cory Weeds, Lucy Yeghi­azarya, Roger Kell­away, Diva, Lyn Stane­ly, John Coltrane, Bet­ty Carter, Doug Mac­Don­ald, Ray Blue, Gret­je Angel, Sol Yaged/​Harry Shep­pard, Seth Mac­Far­lane, Vanes­sa Rubin, P.J. Perry/​Bill Mays, Sopra­no Sum­mit (Ken­ny Davern/​Bob Wilber), and Bob Cooper/​Max Bennett/​Victor Feld­man to name but a few…

Set #1

Artist Song Album
Guido Basso with Peter Appleyard C Fascinating Rhythm Jazz Canadiana
Tcha Limberg Trio with Mozes Rosenberg Moonglow Live
Gabriel Mark Hasselbach Trio, feat. Cory Weeds/Miles Black C Driftin' Mid Century Modern-Vol. 2
Lucy Yeghiazaryan Quintet, feat. Grant Stewart/Greg Ruggiero C Sweet Pumpkin Blue Heaven
Bob Wilber/Kenny Davern Egyptian Fantasy Soprano Summit

Set #2

Artist Song Album
Roger Kellaway Trio with Bruce Forman/Dan Lutz Night And Day The Many Open Minds Of R. Kellaway
Diva Jazz Orchestra, feat. Alexa Tarantino/Rachel Therrien Square One 25th Anniversary
Lyn Stanley, feat. Mike Lang Quintet/Chuck Berghofer/John Chiodini Body And Soul A Twist of London-Live At Bernie's
John Coltrane Qt. Village Blues-Take 3 Blue World

Set #3

Artist Song Album
Betty Carter/Cyrus Chestnut Trio The Good Life The Music Never Stops
Sol Yaged Quintet, feat. Harry Sheppard/Johnny Knapp If I Had You Your Wish Is MY Command
Doug MacDonald Qt. Sometime Ago Organisims
Gretje Angell/Dori Amarillo Trio I'm Old Fashioned any key

Set #4

Artist Song Album
Bob Cooper Sextet (Max Bennett on bass), feat. Victor Feldman/Frank Rosolino Easy Living The Music Of Bob Cooper
Seth MacFarlane/Andrew Cottee, feat. Dan Higgins There Will Be Another Spring Once In Awhile
Ray Blue Sextet Don't Know Why Work
Vanessa Rubin I Think I'll Go Away Sings Tadd Dameron:The Dream Is You
P.J. Perry/Bill Mays C This Quiet Room This Quiet Room