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Doctor Renewable

Eric high­lights that the authors sig­nif­i­cant­ly under­es­ti­mate the remain­ing val­ue of fos­sil fuels left to be extract­ed in the ground. As the world’s GDP is almost 100 tril­lion, and the fos­sil fuels extract­ed every year require an equiv­a­lent” train that goes 84 times around the world to car­ry them, it does not take much under­stand­ing that the val­ue of the fos­sil fuel before fur­ther pro­cess­ing is at least 5 tril­lion per year (5% of GDP). With the apartheid against renew­able present­ly in full swing, and as we con­tin­ue fos­sil fuel extrac­tion for 50 years or more, then the val­ue left to extract of fos­sil fuels is in the many tril­lions of dol­lars, not bil­lion as men­tioned by the authors. More­over, link­ing the solu­tion to solve cli­mate change to oth­er com­plex social issues that have been around for cen­turies does con­tributes to the apartheid against renew­ables. We need 40 TW at an aver­age 25% capac­i­ty fac­tor of renew­able ener­gy, and we receive 20,000 more ener­gy than we need from the sun at the ground lev­el, not count­ing geot­her­mal, plan­ets, and nuclear.