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Program Directory

Cretin Radio

Set #1

Artist Song Album
Husker Du New Day Rising New Day Rising
Dio Stand Up and Shout Holy Diver
Black Sabbath Children of the Grave Master of Reality
Judas Priest Hell Bent for Leather Hell Bent for Leather
Venom Welcome to Hell Welcome to Hell

Set #2

Artist Song Album
Zig Zags Fallout They'll Never Take Us Alive
The Shrine Cruel World Cruel World
The Bronx Past Lives The Bronx III
Propagandhi L C Impending Halfhead Potemkin City Limits
Guilt Parade Corporate Cog Coprophobia

Set #3

Artist Song Album
Dictators Weekend Go Girl Crazy
Fear More Beer More Beer

Set #4

Artist Song Album
Ditchpig L C Cretin Theme Ditchpig
the Drags My Girlfriend's in the FBI Dragsplotation... Now
Oblivians Pinstripe Willy Popular Favourites
Von Zippers C Stool Pigeon Stomp Wow Em Down at Franzel's
Warlords Real Fine Lady Back From the Grave Vol 2

Set #5

Artist Song Album
Shannon and the Clams Rip Van Winkle Dreams in the Rat House
Gino and the Goons You Won't Get Away with Murder Shake It
Bloodshot Bill C I don't Mind at All Come Get Your Love Right Now
Mark Sultan C Song in Grey Whatever I Want
Ween I Can't Put My Finger on It Chocolate and Cheese

Set #6

Artist Song Album
Descendents Everything Sux Everything Sux
Dickeis I'm a Chollo Dawn of the Dickies
Pup C Closure Morbid Stuff
C'mon C Safer When Bottled Lightning of an All time High

Set #7

Artist Song Album
Bad Religion Generator Generator
Chernobyl Wolves L C No Luxury New Wolf Order
Tunic L C Evan Complexion
The Great Sabbatini C Still Life with Maggots Goodbye Audio
Possessed Dominion Revelations of Oblivian
Brass Against Guerrilla Radio Youtube