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Cole's Notes

Set #1

Artist Song Album
Knifeplay Nobody Animal Drowning
Let Lowns C Soda Wars Humbilical Horde
Floatie Shiny Voyage Out
Dummy Daffodils Mandatory Enjoyment

Set #2

Artist Song Album
Dig Nitty Small Curd Reverse of Mastery
Veneer L C Sweaty Single
Florry Somebody Please Ask Me Out Brown Bunny
Say Sue Me George & Janice The Last Thing Left

Set #3

Artist Song Album
Jockstrap Concrete Over Water I Love You Jennifer B
Grace Ives Lullaby Janky Star
Lali Puna Together In Electric Dreams (Phil Oakley & Georgio Moroder Cover) I Thought I Was Over That

Set #4

Artist Song Album
Bicycle Face L C Icarus Bicycle Space
Table Sugar Baba Yaga Collected Acknowledgements
P22 Ending Chorus For the Terminarch Human Snake
KEEL HER I Hate It When You Look At Me

Set #5

Artist Song Album
Amos The Kid L C I'll Set The Fire Single