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Cheap Tuesdays

Set #1

Artist Song Album
Mr. Bungle My Ass Is On Fire s/t
Faith No More Malpractice Angel Dust
Faith No More Get Out King For a Day, Fool For a Lifetime
Mr. Bungle Violenza Domestica Disco Volante

Set #2

Artist Song Album
Mike Patton The Man in the Lower Left Hand Corner of the Photograph Adult Themes for Voice
Mike Patton Robot Sex (Neon)
Mike Patton Elettricita Atmospheriche Candite Pranzo Oltranzista
Mike Patton Latte Alla Luce Verde
Mike Patton Ford Mustang Great Jewish Music : Serge Gainsbourg
Faith No More Got That Feeling Album of the Year
Faith No More Homesick Home

Set #3

Artist Song Album
Mr. Bungle Ars Moriendi California
Fantomas Book 1: Page 3 Amenaza Al Mundo
Fantomas Book 1: Page 7
Fantomas Book 1: Page 11
Fantomas Book 1: Page 20
Fantomas Book 1: Page 21
Bjork Where is the Line? (Fantomas Remix) Who is it
Fantomas Delerium Cordia (excerpt)

Set #4

Artist Song Album
Isis Maritime (Mike Patton Remix) Oceanic Remixes / Reinterpretations
Fantomas 04/02/05 Saturday Suspended Animation
Fantomas 04/13/05 Wednesday
Fantomas 04/18/05 Monday
Fantomas 04/20/05 Wednesday Suspended Animation
Fantomas 04/27/05 Wednesday
General Patton vs the X-ecutioners Modified Combined Obstacle Overlay (MCOO)...or...How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Turntables s/t
General Patton vs the X-ecutioners General P. Counterintelligence: Target = 37:47:36N, 122:33:17W
Peeping Tom Don't Even Trip (feat. Amon Tobin) s/t

Set #5

Artist Song Album
Foetus How to Vibrate (Mike Patton remix) Vein
Mike Patton Main Titles A Perfect Place
Mike Patton Epilogue - In My Dreams Crank: High Voltage
Mike Patton Twin Primes The Solitude of Prime Numbers
Mike Patton Supersingular Primes
Mike Patton Isolated Primes

Set #6

Artist Song Album
Mike Patton Schenectady The Place Beyond the Pines
Mike Patton Beyond the Pines
Mike Patton << kostnice >> The Orchestra of Futurist Noise Intoners
Mike Patton Sweetheart Bandits 2: "We All Get Caught" 1922
Mike Patton & Jean-Claude Vannier Corpse Flower Corpse Flower