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Cheap Tuesdays

Here’s the link to Scared Speech­less — Godzil­la vs Kong Edi­tion:

Set #1

Artist Song Album
Beach House Runaway Once Twice Melody
Sonic Youth I Know There's an Answer Goo CD2
Karate Diazapam The Bed is in the Ocean

Set #2

Artist Song Album
The VSS Lunar Weight Nervous Circuits
Pleasure Forever Wicked Shivering Columbine Alter
Andrew Douglas Rothbard Section 8 Face Cantosynaxis
Andrew Douglas Rothbard Lightning Flash in Precambrian Mud Aethyrelika

Set #3

Artist Song Album
Akira Ifukube Main Title King Kong vs Godzilla
Akira Ifukube Faro Island
Akira Ifukube The Natives
Akira Ifukube Thunder and the Devil
Akira Ifukube Fumiko's Misgivings
Akira Ifukube Godzilla Lives!
Akira Ifukube The Cry of the Devil
Akira Ifukube A Prayer to the Rolling Thunder
Akira Ifukube Giant Octopus vs King Kong
Akira Ifukube The Sleeping Devil
Akira Ifukube The Terror of Godzilla
Akira Ifukube Preparation for Operation "Burial"
Akira Ifukube Operation "One Million Volts"
Akira Ifukube Kong Shows Up in Tokyo
Akira Ifukube Operation "Rescue Fumiko" I
Akira Ifukube Operation "Rescue Fumiko" II
Akira Ifukube The Plan to Transport King Kong
Akira Ifukube King Kong Advances on Fuji
Akira Ifukube King Kong vs Godzilla II
Akira Ifukube Transistor Radio Music