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Part 1: For­eign Agents Are Active In Canada

In late 2020, FBI agents showed up at the New York home of activist and jour­nal­ist Masih Aline­jad, and told her that agents of the Iran­ian régime were plot­ting to kid­nap her. Months lat­er, an indict­ment from the US Depart­ment of Jus­tice revealed details of the plot — includ­ing sur­veil­lance of her home and fam­i­ly, and a plan to take her to Venezuela by boat. But it also men­tioned three peo­ple in Cana­da were also tar­gets.

As our reporter Cherise Seucha­ran finds out, many jour­nal­ists and dis­si­dents who have left coun­tries such as Iran, Chi­na, Mex­i­co and Pak­istan for safe­ty in Cana­da, have found them­selves the vic­tim of threats and intim­i­da­tion by what they believe to be for­eign actors. In one case, involv­ing Pak­istani activist Kari­ma Baloch in Toron­to, these threats ramped up before her unex­pect­ed death. Kiran Nazish, found­ing direc­tor of the Coali­tion for Women in Jour­nal­ism, explains how exten­sive these threats are, and how the Canadain gov­ern­ment has so far failed to act to pro­tect these dissidents.


Est-ce que les jour­nal­istes répon­dent finale­ment aux mil­i­tants? Are jour­nal­ists final­ly respond­ing to activism the way they should?

Emi­lie Nico­las et Nora Lore­to pren­nent le relais en l’absence de Jesse. Emi­lie Nico­las and Nora Lore­to take over in Jesse’s absence.