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Big Picture Science

The Earth is not round. Tech­ni­cal­ly, it’s an oblate spher­oid. But for some peo­ple, the first state­ment is not even approx­i­mate­ly cor­rect. Flat Earth­ers believe that our plan­et resem­bles – not a slight­ly squashed grape­fruit – but a thick pan­cake. A jour­nal­ist who cov­ered a Flat Earth con­ven­tion describes the ratio­nale behind this ever-more pop­u­lar belief. 

So how do you estab­lish sci­ence truth? We look at the dif­fer­ence between a tru­ly sci­en­tif­ic exam­i­na­tion of extra­or­di­nary claims and approach­es that feel and look science‑y but aren’t.

Find out how one man will use tele­scopes and bal­loons in the desert to demon­strate that the Earth is a globe, while a biol­o­gist runs a test on the waters of Loch Ness to see if it con­tains pre­his­toric rep­tile DNA.

And what hap­pens when ama­teur inves­ti­ga­tors chase ghosts, UFOs, and Big­foot with sci­ence instru­ments, but with­out an under­stand­ing of the sci­en­tif­ic method.