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Big Picture Science

Dinosaurs are once again stomp­ing and snort­ing their way across the screen of your local movie the­ater. But these beefy beasts stole the show long before CGI brought them back in the Juras­sic Park block­busters. Dinosaurs had glob­al dom­i­nance for the bet­ter part of 165 mil­lion years. Com­pare that with a measly 56 mil­lion years of pri­mate activ­i­ty. We bow to our evo­lu­tion­ary over­lords in this episode. 

Our con­ver­sa­tion about these thun­der­ous lizards roams freely as we talk with the pale­on­tol­o­gist who dis­cov­ered Dread­nough­tus – the largest land lizard unearthed to date. Ken­neth Laco­vara asks that we please stop using the term dinosaur” to refer to some­thing out­mod­ed, when in fact the dinos were among the most well-adapt­ed, long-lived crea­tures ever.

Plus, intrigu­ing dino facts: if you like eat­ing chick­en, you like eat­ing dinosaurs, and how T‑Rex’s puny arms helped him survive. 

Also, with dozens of new species unearthed every year – near­ly one a week – why we’ve entered the gold­en age of dinosaur discovery.


  • Ken­neth Laco­varaPale­on­tol­o­gist who unearthed the largest land dinosaur known: Dread­nough­tus. He is also found­ing dean of the School of Earth and Envi­ron­ment at Rowan Uni­ver­si­ty, direc­tor of the Jean and Ric Edel­man Fos­sil Park, and author of Why Dinosaurs Mat­ter.”