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Artists, cre­ative peo­ple, occu­py a spe­cial place in our hearts and minds. They inter­pret the world around us and imag­ine things out­side the box. What is the con­nec­tion between them and their cre­ative out­put and soci­ety? Is it just to take cur­tain calls and sign auto­graphs or is there some­thing more? Picas­so asked the ques­tion, What do you think an artist is? An imbe­cile who only has eyes if he’s a painter, ears if he’s a musi­cian, or a lyre in every cham­ber of his heart if he’s a poet – or even, if he’s a box­er, only some mus­cles? Quite the con­trary, he is at the same time a polit­i­cal being con­stant­ly alert to the hor­ri­fy­ing, pas­sion­ate or pleas­ing events in the world, shap­ing him­self com­plete­ly in their image. How is it pos­si­ble to be unin­ter­est­ed in oth­er men and by virtue of what cold non­cha­lance can you detach your­self from the life that they sup­ply so copi­ous­ly? No, paint­ing is not made to dec­o­rate apart­ments. It’s an offen­sive and defen­sive weapon against the enemy.”