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The future of work is unclear. There will be jobs. But what kind? The pan­dem­ic drove many to work remote­ly at home. As the cri­sis ebbs some will dis­cov­er that’s the future. Cru­cial long-term fac­tors affect­ing work­ers will be more and more AI, arti­fi­cial intel­li­gence, and automa­tion. Cor­po­ra­tions will be look­ing to expand in those areas to max­i­mize prof­its. This is all hap­pen­ing while work­er mil­i­tan­cy has enjoyed a resur­gence. Work­ers are chal­leng­ing some of the biggest cor­po­ra­tions. There’s been a marked uptick in union­iza­tion, orga­niz­ing, and strikes at such behe­moths as Ama­zon, Star­bucks and Apple. Work­ers, who have seen wages stag­nant for decades because of neolib­er­al eco­nom­ics are demand­ing high­er pay and bet­ter ben­e­fits. In this chang­ing land­scape what will be the future of work?