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Anna Shah­nazaryan: Inside Arme­nia — Land-locked Arme­nia has had a long his­to­ry but as a nation state it is rather new. Arme­nia declared its inde­pen­dence from the USSR in 1991. Left with a lega­cy of 70 years of Sovi­et rule, cor­rup­tion is ram­pant. The adop­tion of neolib­er­al­ism by elites, as in oth­er coun­tries, has pro­duced mas­sive inequal­i­ty. Oli­garchs dom­i­nate the state and the econ­o­my. Unreg­u­lat­ed min­ing is caus­ing envi­ron­men­tal dam­age. Water sup­plies are pri­va­tized. The state-run world-famous cognac fac­to­ry was sold for peanuts to a French con­glom­er­ate. Qual­i­ty health care, extreme­ly expen­sive, is avail­able for the rich. Edu­ca­tion? More of the same. The major media are stenog­ra­phers to pow­er. Patri­archy and misog­y­ny per­sist. Gen­der bias runs deep. Women are seen as child pro­duc­ers for the defense of the nation. Some Arme­ni­ans, fed up with injus­tice, leave the coun­try. Oth­ers, like Anna Shah­nazaryan stay and resist.