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A con­ver­sa­tion between Ernest Hem­ing­way and F. Scott Fitzger­ald report­ed­ly went like this: Fitzger­ald says, The rich are dif­fer­ent from you and me.” To which Hem­ing­way respond­ed, Yes, they have more mon­ey.” You bet they do. And now more than ever. The old Gild­ed Age pales in com­par­i­son to the cur­rent one. The wealthy of the late 19th cen­tu­ry: Rock­e­feller, Van­der­bilt and Mel­lon look impov­er­ished in rela­tion to the cur­rent crop of Bezos, Gates and Buf­fet. Inequal­i­ty is at record lev­els. How has it hap­pened? The attack on unions has hurt work­ers. CEO pay has gone through the roof. There have been mas­sive tax cuts for the haves while the have-nots see their social safe­ty net erod­ed. The enor­mous excess­es of the first Gild­ed Age led to a pop­ulist back­lash and the Pro­gres­sive Era. Could we see a repeat of that today?