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The U.S. and Iran are on a col­li­sion course. The name-call­ing and saber rat­tling are omi­nous. The New York Times head­line reads: Iran Calls U.S. Des­per­ate and Con­fused.’ Trump vows Oblit­er­a­tion.’” Is Iran going to com­mit sui­cide by attack­ing the world’s most lethal mil­i­tary? Wash­ing­ton is exert­ing what it calls max­i­mum pres­sure” on Iran and on any­one who wants to do busi­ness with that coun­try. For most Ira­ni­ans the puni­tive sanc­tions the U.S. has imposed are a form of war­fare, albeit the eco­nom­ic kind. The Iran nuclear deal was work­ing just fine accord­ing to the UN when Wash­ing­ton uni­lat­er­al­ly aban­doned it thus trig­ger­ing the cur­rent cri­sis and the slide to war. The atti­tude ema­nat­ing from Wash­ing­ton is more like that of a bul­ly: You do what I tell you or else. Respect­ful dia­logue is what is need­ed, not hec­tor­ing and badgering.