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Politi­cians and pun­dits love to go on and on about the rule of law.” The con­cept that no one is above the law is lauda­to­ry and cen­tral to a func­tion­ing democ­ra­cy. But we can eas­i­ly see the grotesque dis­par­i­ties in the appli­ca­tion of law and the pros­e­cu­tion of those who com­mit crimes in the streets vs. those who com­mit crimes in the suites. From invad­ing and bomb­ing coun­tries to sub­orn­ing per­jury, to wit­ness tam­per­ing, to tax eva­sion, to bribery, the big boys and girls are not brought to jus­tice, They are not held account­able for their crimes. Instead, they are reward­ed with fat book con­tracts and lec­ture fees. No won­der some peo­ple are cyn­i­cal. The hypocrisy is hard to miss. How can we move from being the land of the law­less to a soci­ety where the rule of law prevails?