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Ralph Nad­er points out the term cli­mate change is a vast under­state­ment and does not con­vey the grav­i­ty of what we are fac­ing. He says, cli­mate dis­rup­tion is more accu­rate. Study after study, report after report make it clear that human activ­i­ty is trans­form­ing our plan­et. With heat waves, droughts, wild­fires, floods, melt­ing ice sheets and ris­ing sea lev­els, mil­lions of peo­ple will be at risk. But the fos­sil-fuel indus­try with its insa­tiable hunger for prof­its con­tin­ues its assault on the Earth. It has an ally in the pres­i­dent who claims to have a nat­ur­al instinct for sci­ence,” and asserts: Any and all weath­er events are used by glob­al warm­ing hoaxsters to jus­ti­fy high­er tax­es.” Note that he asked for and obtained approval to build two sea bar­ri­ers to pro­tect his golf resort in Ire­land from ris­ing water.