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Are march­es and demon­stra­tions just feel good affairs? You vent some spleen then go home sat­is­fied as if you’ve done some­thing worth­while and before you know it the glow wears off? Or does the pow­er of col­lec­tive action, sol­i­dar­i­ty and mass mobi­liza­tions have a deep­er effect? The key to resis­tance is orga­ni­za­tion lead­ing to sus­tained efforts. The dan­ger of demon­stra­tions is if they are not con­nect­ed to move­ments. The for­mer is episod­ic where­as move­ments are endur­ing. The his­toric 1963 March on Wash­ing­ton for civ­il rights and the sub­se­quent anti-Viet­nam War demon­stra­tions had a major impact. Those protests attract­ed hun­dreds of thou­sands. Since the Trump inau­gu­ra­tion in Jan­u­ary 2017 there have been more protests than dur­ing any com­pa­ra­ble peri­od in U.S. his­to­ry, lit­er­al­ly mil­lions have turned out. Peo­ple are get­ting off of tweets and into the streets in larg­er and larg­er numbers.