Our offices have now re-opened, but some of our programmers are still producing from home - thank you always for your support!

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Program Schedule


12:00am Vanguard Radio
2:00am The Mix Sessions
4:00am Amplified Radio Presents...
6:00am Modern Jazz Today
8:00am Jazz Boulevard
10:00am Fascinatin' Rhythm
12:00pm Mondo Hollywood
1:00pm On The Marquee
2:00pm Tell The Band To Go Home
5:00pm Waxies Dargle
6:00pm Ripped Hat Blues Show
7:00pm Swing Radio
8:00pm 52nd Street Jazz
9:00pm Night Light
10:00pm You Know The Rules
11:00pm Walkuman Style


12:00am Urban Renewal Project
2:00am UMFM Night Mix
6:00am Exploration
7:00am Big Picture Science
8:00am Radiolab
9:00am Re-Threading Madness
10:00am Zassman Plays The Classics
12:00pm Democracy Now
1:00pm Upbeats
2:00pm No Lone Aesthetic (NLA)
3:00pm Lizard Music
4:00pm Prick Up Your Ears
5:00pm Talkin' Hockey - The Hockey Talkin' Show
6:00pm HLLL!YH! WPG!
8:00pm A Sordid Hour
9:00pm This, That and the Third
10:00pm Radio State
11:00pm Maximum Rocknroll Radio


12:00am Precious Metals
1:00am hurlements sur la toundra
3:00am UMFM Night MixLive Now
6:00am Sea Change Radio
6:30am Terra Informa
7:00am For The Wild
8:00am Radio Ecoshock
9:00am The Green Majority
10:00am Viewpoints
10:30am Bonjour Chanson
11:00am The Learning Curve
11:30am 204 Rise
12:00pm Democracy Now
1:00pm U Talk
2:00pm Album Authority
3:00pm Seasons
4:00pm Revolution Radio
5:30pm Have We Met?
6:30pm Canadiana Suite
8:00pm Ryan Inc.
9:00pm The Night Shift
10:00pm Cheap Tuesdays
11:00pm The Sentinel's Marvellous Kaleidoscope


12:00am In My Room
2:00am Expansive Prairie Skies
4:00am Deep Threes
6:00am Writer's Voice
7:00am From The Vault
8:00am Radio Survivor
9:00am Freakonomics
10:00am eTown
11:00am That's Wallflower Talk!
11:30am Turning Pages
12:00pm Democracy Now
1:00pm The Ever Deadly Hour
2:00pm The Hard Line
3:00pm Suburban Home
4:00pm At Large
5:30pm Art World Innovators
6:00pm Dagwood Radio
8:00pm Play It Again
9:00pm International Feel
10:00pm Terminal 7
11:00pm Your show here – apply today!


12:00am Latin Explosion!
2:00am Modern Jazz Today
4:00am Full Moon Hacksaw
6:00am Latin Waves / Talking Radical Radio (alternating)
6:30am WINGS
7:00am First Voices Indigenous Radio
8:00am Making Contact
8:30am Rabble Radio
9:00am Alternative Radio
10:00am Canadaland
11:00am Toban Talks
11:30am Not Necessarily The Automobile
12:00pm Democracy Now
1:00pm Bang & Whisper
2:00pm Post-Everything
3:00pm Signal Distortion
4:00pm Pastoral MIDI
5:00pm Something Like It
5:30pm The Hockey Show
6:30pm Free Range Radio
8:00pm Venus Envy
9:00pm Punks In Parkas
10:00pm Ultrasonic Film
11:00pm The Sample Set


12:00am Crazy Kut Classics
1:00am The Wee Hours
6:00am Your show here – apply today!
7:00am Witchpolice Radio
8:00am Retro'Spect
9:00am Cretin Radio
11:00am The Bench Jockeys
11:30am Doctor Renewable
12:00pm Democracy Now
1:00pm The Pity Party
3:00pm Sunlit Youth
4:00pm the adults are talking
5:00pm Live on KEXP
5:30pm Cole's Notes
6:30pm Thank God It's Free Range!
8:00pm After 8 Radio
10:00pm Nimi'idiwin
11:00pm Mixtropolis Mixshow


12:00am Mixtropolis Mixshow
1:00am The Bassment Sessions
2:00am Lost In Bass
4:00am The Mothership
6:00am The Zucchini Brothers
6:30am Your show here – apply today!
7:00am Kookoo Bananas Variety Hour
8:00am Beer For Breakfast
10:00am Buckle-Up Radio
12:00pm The Heat Wave Baby Shutdown
2:00pm Planet Mainstage
4:00pm Dead Air
5:00pm Jungle Telegraph
6:00pm On Target
7:00pm the rest is noise
9:00pm Drifter In The Dark
10:00pm Re: Define Radio