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Theatre Reviews

From the title to the final line, this is a clever, thought-pro­vok­ing the­atre expe­ri­ence. White face is a style of clown­ing, but when the actors are non-white, it is also a polit­i­cal state­ment. These two per­form­ers offer a rich explo­ration of the polit­i­cal land­scape in which we live, and also of the indi­vid­ual chal­lenges we all face try­ing to nav­i­gate that world.

Per­form­ers Todd House­man and Lady Vanes­sa Car­dona have great chem­istry and great indi­vid­ual skills. Like all great dra­ma, they offer more mate­r­i­al than one can digest in one sit­ting, mean­ing that the per­for­mance lingers in the mind, and in my case, also leaves a long­ing to see it again. I hope White­face has a long life on stage. At the same time, I hope the cre­ator-per­form­ers make some adjust­ments for future oppor­tu­ni­ties. Some ele­ments went on too long for the impact they were hav­ing, such as the film mon­tage, which although pow­er­ful, had me impa­tient for the next ele­ment by the time it was over. 

Venue 8 – The Rachel Browne The­atre
Phys­i­cal The­atre
45 Min­utes
Parental guid­ance
Warn­ings: Coarse lan­guage, vio­lent con­tent
Show acces­si­bil­i­ty: Hard of hear­ing, deaf