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Theatre Reviews

A man has just died, some­thing not quite unex­pect­ed, but a sur­prise nonethe­less. Then there’s a mono­logue with him in a wheel­chair, medi­at­ing on his new state and ban­ter­ing with the audi­ence. It’s fun­ny and touch­ing, and Ivan Hen­wood did a mas­ter­ful job of hold­ing my atten­tion. Then, just when I start­ed to won­der what came next, Jen Robin­son entered to liv­en things up. Inter­spersed are some pro­ject­ed images, with my favourite being one of ani­mals scream­ing, with a kick­er that I will not spoil by describing.

I kind of wish that this pro­duc­tion hap­pened in a more inti­mate space, but this is the Fringe and you take what you get. I am sure that the com­pa­ny is hap­py with the poten­tial for big­ger box office.

Venue 6 — Tom Hendry Ware­house
Play Com­e­dy
75 Min­utes
Gen­er­al Audi­ence
Warn­ings: Strobe lights, smoke or fog