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Theatre Reviews

Mon­day July 23 — Thoughts from the Open­ing Week­end

It’s Mon­day after­noon. We’re at the half way point of the Fringe. From what I’ve seen, the shows have been pret­ty well attend­ed. This year, I’ve seen some sur­pris­ing­ly well attend­ed week­day mati­nees. I also saw good crowds dur­ing the var­i­ous rain storms. Of the 32 shows I’ve seen, here are a few of my favourites (in alpha­bet­i­cal order):

Car­men and Don Jose: A Tale of Love and Mur­der (Venue 29) — the sto­ry of Car­men is ele­gant­ly told with some of the most famous music and songs ever record­ed.

Cock Tales: Shame on Me! (Venue 12) — about a young girl grow­ing up in a con­ser­v­a­tive­ly reli­gious fam­i­ly and her dis­cov­er­ies about sex­u­al­i­ty. This show finds the per­fect bal­ance between com­e­dy and dra­ma.

Con­fes­sion­al (Venue 29) — a well done but depress­ing dra­ma about eight lowlife char­ac­ters.

I Think I’m Dead (Venue 11) — about a young man bat­tling insom­nia for 15 years. It’s full of fun­ny sto­ries and Al Lafrance is burst­ing with ener­gy.

Inau­gu­ra­tion Vaca­tion (Venue 4) — a sto­ry about an Amer­i­can who becomes an active pro­tes­tor dur­ing the Trump pres­i­den­cy. It’s both fun­ny and time­ly.

Old Dyke Tales (Venue 11) — a pow­er­ful sto­ry about a woman who is shunned by her fam­i­ly, friends and com­mu­ni­ty when she comes out as a les­bian dur­ing the 1970s.

Terms & Con­di­tions (Venue 17) — a beau­ti­ful move­ment piece about two room­mates who fight over every­thing.

Blow­ing in the Wind

We’ve had quite a bit of rain and wind this week and I’ve seen quite a few posters loose­ly hang­ing on for dear life. Even before the rain arrived on Thurs­day, I did see sev­er­al posters com­ing undone. When in doubt, it’s always bet­ter to use extra tape.

Sound Bleed

I’ve seen all three shows in Venue 28 (low­er lev­el of Forth). Upstairs is the restau­rant and while attend­ing shows down­stairs, we occa­sion­al­ly hear patrons talk­ing and shuf­fling around. But the most annoy­ing sound had to be peo­ple walk­ing on the floor with high heels. I must admit that it did seem odd to hear these nois­es while watch­ing an exis­ten­tial play like Ani­mos­i­ty about two peo­ple who are seclud­ed in an unknown place and time. 

The Mon­ster Vari­ety Hour (Venue 8) has can­celled the remain­der of their shows.

Quote of the Day

If that sto­ry was writ­ten today, some­thing would have hap­pened by now.”

From Roc­co and Nako­ta: Tales from the Land (Venue 9).