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Theatre Reviews

This new play by Mar­tin Dock­ery begins with two men sit­ting side by side gaz­ing out over the audi­ence. They are police­men who are stak­ing out a van across the street. Dockery’s script is out­stand­ing. It begins with some small talk on var­i­ous dis­con­nect­ed top­ics. In this phase of the show there are a lot of fun­ny one lin­ers and unique humor­ous obser­va­tions about life in gen­er­al. As the play con­tin­ues. the con­ver­sa­tion begins to focus on human rela­tion­ships in a gen­er­al way. Still lat­er the con­ver­sa­tion cen­tres on spe­cif­ic rela­tion­ships as sur­pris­ing con­nec­tions between the two char­ac­ters begin to emerge. The pro­gres­sion from small talk to spe­cif­ic rela­tion­ships is grad­ual and sub­tle and is what makes this script stand out. By the end, things become much clear­er and the end­ing is quite poignant.

Per­form­ers Dock­ery and Andrew Broad­dus are both razor sharp through­out and are able to bring the audi­ence along through the enig­mat­ic script. The play is enter­tain­ing, fun­ny and poignant. Dockery’s mono­logues often receive gen­er­al acclaim but I think this play shows his play­writ­ing should not be giv­en short shrift. This a very well writ­ten and per­formed play which should not be missed.