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Theatre Reviews

This play has a super­fi­cial premise at first glance: six strug­gling artists accept an invi­ta­tion to their for­mer col­league’s lux­u­ri­ous home to expe­ri­ence her new pool.

Then some­thing ter­ri­ble hap­pens. The char­ac­ters debrief and try to jus­ti­fy them­selves. We see the char­ac­ters’ jeal­ousy, inse­cu­ri­ty, resent­ment and con­fu­sion. Although the char­ac­ters are all artists, the play is relat­able to any­one who has lived their lives on the bot­tom or mid­dle rung (and so I expect could peo­ple who have reached the top rung).

The ensem­ble cast are uni­ver­sal­ly strong, and the direc­tion moves swift­ly and sure­ly to the con­clu­sion. With a min­i­mum of props (six chairs and an inflat­able pool) they cre­ate a mul­ti­tude of set­tings seam­less­ly. I’d like the par­ty scene to be just a titch quick­er, but over­all Pool (No Water) was an absolute high­light in what has been a very good Fringe for me. I also wish that I had a pro­gram so that I could name the very tal­ent­ed peo­ple who put on this production.