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Theatre Reviews

Cameryn Moore’s Muse” is like noth­ing else I have ever attend­ed at the Fringe. You enter the venue and have a chance to pick up a sketch pad and either sit on stage or take a seat in the audi­ence. The show begins, and for those of us on stage, Cameryn explains the draw­ing exer­cis­es we will be doing, and gives some back­ground into how she became a life mod­el.

Then she drops her robe, and the exer­cise begins. I have no train­ing as an artist oth­er than Grade 8 art class, and no draw­ing train­ing oth­er than the draft­ing course I took in first year Engi­neer­ing. But, there I was, with Moore’s abun­dant body in front of me, and a piece of char­coal in my hand. I start­ed draw­ing. It became a med­i­ta­tive expe­ri­ence as I lis­tened to her sto­ry­telling and moved the char­coal over the paper.

My son Bri­an is a pro­fes­sion­al artist with an MFA, and I often won­der where his draw­ing tal­ent came from. I now know that it def­i­nite­ly did­n’t come from me, but I kind of liked what I pro­duced, and I have a bet­ter insight into my son’s voca­tion than I did before.

I’ll nev­er have an expe­ri­ence like this again, and I am pro­found­ly grate­ful to Cameryn Moore for her gift.