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Minoosh is a cat that decides to go on a solo camp­ing trip. On the trip, Minoosh expe­ri­ences a series of com­ic adven­tures — such as trou­ble set­ting up a tent and find­ing food.

This is a fun show that is full of lit­tle laughs, such as when Minoosh goes fish­ing and tries hope­less­ly to set up a tent. Done in the style of a clown show, actor Char­lene Van Bueken­hout does a great job react­ing to the audi­ence’s ques­tions and con­cerns with­out speak­ing. I was sur­prised that the kids were ful­ly invest­ed in this char­ac­ter and sto­ry and even offered smart con­tri­bu­tions such as Is the tea cold?” (Minoosh nods) and No” just before poten­tial­ly eat­ing a boot. A show with no Eng­lish dia­logue (there is a voice over in South­ern Michif) can be tough for kids, but this Mon­day after­noon audi­ence were ful­ly invest­ed in this per­for­mance. I liked it and, more impor­tant­ly, so did the kids.