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Theatre Reviews

If I were a stand-up com­ic, I would say that I went to see this show because I have some­thing in com­mon with the per­former, because we both aren’t Tay­lor Swift. That’s why I am a review­er instead.

Actu­al­ly I saw this show because I have seen Anjali Sand­hu in action before and admire her work. I’d nev­er seen a full act, though, and the oppor­tu­ni­ty was too good to miss. Sand­hu uses a sharp, whiplash humour that pro­vokes thought as much as laugh­ter, like all the great stand-up come­di­ans, of which there are very few, in my book. She has great mate­r­i­al, a unique per­spec­tive, and a great sense of pace and tim­ing.

Nor­mal­ly I am not a big fan of stand-up — a miss is as good as a mile – but even if you and I have this in com­mon, you should still see this show.

I’m Not Tay­lor Swift
Venue 7 — The Cin­e­math­eque
30 Min­utes
Parental guid­ance
Warn­ings: Coarse language