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Theatre Reviews

Get a Grip

Ingrid Gar­ner was wor­ried about slip­ping and falling on the mat used for the stage at Venue 4 dur­ing her per­for­mances of Eleanor’s Sto­ry — An Amer­i­can Girl in Hitler’s Ger­many. So, some­one told her to use a cheese grater on the soles of her shoes to cre­ate a grip. It worked and she’s now bet­ter able to walk around the stage.

Bonus Shows

There are a few extra shows com­ing up in the next few days.

Tonight at mid­night at the Tom Hendry Ware­house is the annu­al per­form­ers cabaret. Per­form­ers present a short scene that is some­thing dif­fer­ent than their Fringe show(s).

Fri­day at mid­night at Wee John­ny’s is J.D. Renaud’s Mid­night Show.

Next week, Chase Pad­gett is remount­ing his first Fringe hit 6 Gui­tars July 27 and 28 at the Park Theatre.

Also next week, speak­ing of Fringe hits, JOSEPHINE will be remount­ed on July 28 at PTE.

Big Crowds?

Mon­day is usu­al­ly a pret­ty slow day at the Fringe. Some peo­ple take it easy after a busy week­end of fring­ing. I was shocked to see big crowds at mul­ti­ple Mon­day after­noon shows. I think the big crowds were caused by the clos­ing of venues 1, 3, 5 and 7 for the day, so there were less shows for peo­ple to choose from, which meant big­ger crowds for those shows that had per­for­mances. We’ll see if the same thing hap­pens today with the clos­ing of venues 2, 4, 6 and 8.

Quote of the Day

If you watch the His­to­ry Chan­nel, you’ll get the impres­sion that a lot of his­to­ry is about mid­dle aged men search­ing for gold.”

From All of Human His­to­ry in 7 Sto­ries (Venue 4).