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Excit­ing new addi­tions have recon­fig­ured the morn­ing talk pro­gram­ming sched­ule here at UMFM, as we’re adding four new shows that are sure to oblit­er­ate mem­o­ries of irk­some­ly vac­u­ous morn­ing show-host banter. 

Billing itself as the pod­cast that pre­dicts the present,” Search Engine chron­i­cles the ongo­ing his­to­ry of the inter­net, with the help of inter­net-pre­neurs and social media mag­nates every week. Pro­duced by TVO in Ontario, Search Engine is host­ed by Jesse Brown. If you love the inter­net, you’ll like Search Engine, on Wednes­days at 6 a.m. and again at 6 p.m..

Wednes­day morn­ings now include Search Engine at 6 a.m., Wake Up Win­nipeg at 6:30, and then UMFM’s excel­lent music pro­gram­ming, begin­ning with 20th Cen­tu­ry Com­posers at 7 a.m..

From one of the largest and best-regard­ed audio col­lec­tions in the world, the Paci­fi­ca Radio Archives, From the Vault pro­vides a week­ly blast from the past. While his­to­ri­an Ger­ald Horne, said that The archives of Paci­fi­ca Radio … must be con­sult­ed by any­one con­duct­ing research on post-World War II his­to­ry,” they are a resource for the entire 20th cen­tu­ry. From The Vault takes peers into this amaz­ing col­lec­tion to pro­vide con­text to recent events — an inter­view with for­mer Hait­ian pres­i­dent Jean-Bertrand Aris­tide after the earth­quake, a 1982 labour and immi­gra­tion pan­el before the U.S. Con­gress votes on new immi­gra­tion laws, and much more.d

From the Vault will air Thurs­days at 7 a.m., pre­ced­ed by If You Love This Plan­et at 6, and fol­lowed byEarth­beat Radio at 8, Alter­na­tive Radio at 9 and ALERT radio at 10

On Fri­days, we’ve added Are We Alone?, Sci­ence Radio for Think­ing Species, which is pro­duced by the SETI Insti­tute (and spon­sored in par­ty by NASA’s Astro­bi­ol­o­gy Insti­tute). Are We Alone? cov­ers all branch­es of sci­ence — even those that haven’t been invent­ed yet. Each week’s hour-long pro­gram has a theme: recent themes include mem­o­ry, physics fron­tiers, and the space race. 


Also check out Skep­ti­cal­ly Speak­ing, the show that asks you to call in and ques­tion every­thing.” That would be call­ing into Alber­ta, mind you! The show inter­views experts from var­i­ous sci­en­tif­ic and aca­d­e­m­ic fields, and shine the light of log­ic on prac­ti­tion­ers of alter­na­tive ther­a­pies, peo­ple with paranormal/​supernatural abil­i­ties” and oth­er ped­dlers of pseudoscience. 

With the new sched­ule, Fri­day morn­ings will start with Skep­ti­cal­ly Speak­ing at 6, Are We Alone? at 7 and This Week In Sci­ence at 8 a.m..

Latin Waves has set itself a man­date to address the crit­i­cal lack of media cov­er­age of South and Cen­tral Amer­i­ca. Pro­duced in Van­cou­ver by Sylvia and Stu­art Richard­son, Latin Waves has now branched out to cov­er impor­tant mat­ters of polit­i­cal and social econ­o­my and eco-jus­tice here in North Amer­i­ca as well, but with a Latin flavour (Sylvia is from El Sal­vador). This hour-long pro­gram from CJSF at Simon Fras­er Uni­ver­si­ty will be broad­cast on UMFM every Sat­ur­day at 7 a.m.. Lis­ten in to our pol­i­tics block on Sat­ur­day morn­ing: Mid­week Pol­i­tics (6 a.m.), fol­lowed by Latin Waves, and ALERT radio at 8 a.m..

For a visu­al rep­re­sen­ta­tion of UMFM’s pro­gram guide, you can always go to http://​www​.umfm​.com/​p​r​o​g​r​a​m​m​i​n​g​/​p​r​o​g​r​a​mgrid.