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Von Wichert, in coop­er­a­tion with Ogre­Ogress Pro­duc­tions, is pleased to announce that on the Feb­ru­ary 23rd edi­tion of the Komo­do Drag­on Show he will be pre­mier­ing 2 brand new record­ings of avant-garde com­pos­er John Cage. The fol­low­ing works will be broad­cast, over the course of 4 hours, between 7AM and 11AM CST.

The first piece, Two3, was orig­i­nal­ly writ­ten in 1991 and runs for 121 min­utes. Two3 is a suite for sho (tra­di­tion­al Japan­ese mouth-organ) and conch shells in 10 move­ments fea­tur­ing Tama­mi Tono on the sho and Glenn Free­man on conch shells.

The sec­ond piece, 108, was also writ­ten in 1991 and runs 43:30. The piece is a sym­pho­ny for large orches­tra in 4 move­ments, per­formed by the Chance Phil­har­mon­ic. 108 is writ­ten for the largest ensem­ble of any of Cage’s Num­ber Pieces. Its length of 4330’‘ is an allu­sion — inten­tion­al or not — to the infa­mous 433’’ (1952) that earned Cage con­sid­er­able fame. 108 is in four move­ments and, when played by itself, more close­ly resem­bles a tra­di­tion­al sym­pho­ny than any oth­er piece in Cage’s out­put.

The final piece, 110, is 108 played with any three move­ments of Two3, mak­ing a dou­ble con­cer­to for sho and
conch shells plus sym­pho­ny orches­tra. More infor­ma­tion on Cage’s num­ber pieces is avail­able here. The pieces heard today will be released on audio DVD lat­er in March.

The Chance Phil­har­mon­ic is com­prised of:

Christi­na Fong, violins/​violas
Karen Krum­mel, violin/​cellos
Michael Craw­ford, con­tra­bass­es
Ruth Byls­ma, piccolo/​flutes/​alto flute
Sarah Bow­man, oboes/​english horns
Michael Kor­nac­ki, clarinets/​bass clar­inets
Vince Kara­manov, bassoons/​contrabassoons
Paul Austin, horns
Michael Bow­man, trum­pets
Robert Ward, trombones/​bass trombones/​tuba
Glenn Free­man, percussion