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Freak­ingSnap is the solo project of Chris Friesen. Spon­ta­neous elec­tron­ic compositions.

Freak­ingSnap is pri­mar­i­ly fueled by cof­fee and pan­cakes, sweet glo­ri­ous IPAs, at least 1 of the 3 avail­able 1882 Fruit Based Hot Sauces, spe­cial occa­sion lemon meringue pies, pug pho­tos from Kevin, a desire to to fill an entire iPod Clas­sic with itself so its inter­nal nar­cis­sist can only lis­ten to itself, bad inside jokes and a lot of love for Lost and Michael Giacchi­no’s score for said pro­gram. I also have no real idea of what I’m doing most of the time except here (pic­ture a pic­ture of me sit­ting at The Nook), I know exact­ly how to method­i­cal­ly dec­i­mate a plate of pan­cakes, side of bacon and a cou­ple of cups of cof­fee at The Nook. Any­one that wants to join me some­time hit me up. Freak­ingSnap is the solo musi­cal project of Win­nipeg artist Chris Friesen and also a Scor­pio.

Check out the full video ses­sion here!


  • Freaking Snap Space Tripping Across The Galaxy With Chuck Jopp (download)