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Pledge-O-Rama FAQ

Why Does UMFM do Pledge-O-Rama each year?

Since 1998, our oper­at­ing bud­get has con­sist­ed most­ly of stu­dent fees and ad rev­enue. While a lot has changed in 25 years, our fund­ing from the stu­dent fees has stayed pret­ty sta­t­ic, ad rev­enue has decreased con­sid­er­ably, and the cost of run­ning a com­mu­ni­ty radio sta­tion has steadi­ly con­tin­ued to rise. While we con­stant­ly explore alter­na­tive rev­enue streams that allow us to main­tain our dai­ly oper­a­tion costs and under­take nec­es­sary larg­er cap­i­tal projects that allow us to grow for the future, we rely on the funds raised dur­ing Pledge-O-Rama to help us make our goals a reality.

We’re not alone in this endeav­our — near­ly every oth­er cam­pus & com­mu­ni­ty radio sta­tion across Cana­da does an annu­al pledge dri­ve of some sort, ask­ing their lis­ten­ers to show their sup­port by donat­ing to the station.

How does UMFM spend the money raised during Pledge-O-Rama?

100% of funds raised dur­ing Pledge-O-Rama go direct­ly back into the sta­tion, often towards some of the nec­es­sary expens­es and upgrades that are need­ed on a year­ly basis. 

We have also used past Pledge-O-Rama suc­cess to invest into sig­nif­i­cant cap­i­tal expen­di­tures like replac­ing our anten­na and our broad­cast trans­mit­ter, as well as pur­chas­ing field record­ing and remote broad­cast­ing equip­ment, and per­form­ing main­te­nance and upgrad­ing our live record­ing studio!

Do you only accept donations to UMFM during Pledge-O-Rama?

No, we are hap­py to accept your dona­tion through­out the year, when­ev­er is con­ve­nient for you!

Pledge-O-Rama rep­re­sents the one week of the year where the UMFM radio fam­i­ly makes a con­cert­ed push towards a fundrais­ing goal, but we cer­tain­ly will accept dona­tions at any time, and you are still eli­gi­ble for incen­tives or a tax reciept!

What's the deal with your incentives, and who comes up with those great designs?

Every year, UMFM works with a new local design­er to col­lab­o­rate on the new Pledge design.

We all know that the biggest incen­tive of all is qual­i­ty, com­mu­ni­ty-sup­port­ed pro­gram­ming that the sta­tion offers, dur­ing the pledge, we also like to put togeth­er a great assort­ment of incen­tives that we pro­vide as a small token of our appre­ci­a­tion to you, our val­ued donor. These items are print­ed on a lim­it­ed run and we rarely have any left­over. The only way to guar­an­tee that you get the incen­tive in the siz­ing that you want is to pre-pledge!

Alright, now that I've donated, how do I get my hands on these wonderful incentives?

You have some options for incen­tive pickup:

  • You can come to UMFM head­quar­ters dur­ing office hours (M‑F, 930am — 430PM) to claim your goods. Please email pledge@​umfm.​com or call 2044747027 to con­firm pick­up date/​time.
  • Reach out to us at pledge@​umfm.​com if you would like us to drop off your incen­tives — we will con­firm drop off details with you.
  • If you know the host who you donat­ed to, feel free to reach out to them — chances are they have show incen­tives and can arrange drop off of both their stuff and our stuff with you.
  • If you live out of town, we will con­firm sizes and oth­er incen­tive details with you and will mail out to you!

Does UMFM offer tax receipts for donations made to the station?

Yes, we are able to give out tax receipts to our won­der­ful donors! 

Any­one who requests a tax receipt will receive it via email (or mail if request­ed) no lat­er than Jan­u­ary of the fol­low­ing year. 

Please note that the pledgee can either take a tax receipt or the UMFM Pledge-O-Rama incen­tive pack­age that cor­re­sponds with the amount donat­ed — you can­not receive both! 

How can I pay for my pledge?

Our aim is to make pledg­ing to UMFM as pain free a process as pos­si­ble, so we’re offer­ing you a num­ber of dif­fer­ent pay­ment options and pay­ment plans to pay your pledge. Your dona­tion can be made over the phone (2044746610), in per­son (Room 310, Uni­ver­si­ty Cen­tre) or online. You can pay in one lump sum, or you can choose to pay month­ly, quar­ter­ly, semi-annu­al­­ly or in what­ev­er oth­er con­fig­u­ra­tion that works for you, it’s just that easy. 

We’re hap­py to accept the fol­low­ing forms of payment:

  • Cash
  • Cheque or Mon­ey Order **(Made Payable To​“UMSU Endow­ment Fund” if request­ing a tax receipt; write​“For Dona­tion to UMFM in Memo Field”)**
  • E‑Transfer (email pledge@​umfm.​com for all the details)
  • Visa or MasterCard
  • Pre-Autho­rized Cred­it Card Pay­ments based on your pre­ferred schedule
  • Pay­pal

Please note that we can only accept in per­son pay­ments dur­ing reg­u­lar office hours, 10 am to 5:30 pm, Mon­day thru Fri­day. If you want to ensure that we can accom­mo­date you, you can always phone ahead at 2044747027!

How does pledging on a payment plan work?

Sup­port­ers may choose to pay via a pay­ment plan, pro­vid­ed that they pledge at a min­i­mum of $60.

Once Pledge-O-Rama is com­plete, we’ll con­tact you to arrange the details of your pay­ment plan — please also note if want a tax receipt, it might be split over two cal­en­dar years depend­ing on the terms of your instalments.